My quote by Fell in Linux:

Linux For Doctors —->For injecting the bugs

Windows for patients—->having the bugs

I used

I had used GNU/LInux approximately more than two years….and also i had used many distros like Ubuntu(gutsy,hardy,intrepid…..),debian(etch),fedora,pc linux2007,mepics,….etc….and also i had installed this type of OS several time……

About LFY:

LFY(Linux For You) magazine which is very useful and worth for you if you want to know any kind of information in linux…it has good font which attracts then also it has pletiful information It is the magazine good worth to you…..i appreciate that …please crunch that……

Thanks to KLUG

KLUG(KEC Linux User Group)

It is our college google group community which is going to make the new innovative fossers for this world This group was handled by my senior friends to me ….. It is nice group to share our GNU/Linux thoughts here we never forget this

In my second year the KLUG which was handled by my final year best friends(Rosario,Anandprabu) who were guiding to me to take the GNU/Linux…

KEC Linux User Group” <>

for visiting :

I am always loving this ……..,,,

by. Navaneethan.R, ———————————————————————————-

Conferences that I attended:

I ve attended two conferences regarding open source …I will going to attend also 1st i ve attended in MIT with my few of friends.It was amazing , i ve learnt more there,My PHP is started there itself only In that college student’s interest was amazing my 2nd conference was in TCE-thyagarajar college of engineering There also went good.some new things have implemented,i ve got more contacts,more awaring of open source I got one certificate there for my talk with few of friends Still i am waiting for another emphatic one

I m sure i ll and i can


Inspiring Leaders:

(25.12.1989), —————————————————————————————–

silly experiences:

Missing Windows Xp

Hai friends it’s real…once i had installed windows xp with my ubuntu(hardy)…at that time i just had surfed…in my hardy…i just installed some little packages…for knowing what that is….at that time i found a little kernal package i just installed…then my friend came at that time to surfing the net in windows…so for i restarted my system..then i was shocked….because….after booting in my menu….seven lines had been shown..which are all ubuntu none of windows displayed….then One idea clicked to me….i just had gone to ubuntu..just replacing my menu.lst in my boot folder…..then i restarted…windows Xp was shown which by represented in menu.lst..then we happied…..Oh!!what was a inspiration to me!!!!…..,,,,,

Can’t install Ubuntu

Friends…one time i have installed both win XP as well as Ubuntu hardy i had the situation to format the i had done itself…after that i had the error to load the OS…so that i used the commands to take the XP using Xp CD in recovery mode..then i took the XP have made a fuss to me..then i want to switch to ubuntu…but i was trying to install Ubuntu along with had never done..i didn’t know the reason after sometime i had formatted my system unfortunately….then i had installed XP for formalty then i emphaticly been installing my lovable Ubuntu…it also been done…..the reason for not installed ubuntu at my previous time is….I setted the mbr for windows by providing fixmbr for having XP only….

Windows Virus

wuauclt it is the type of backdoor /trojan virus  (Windows automatic client If you have affectedby this virus just you can rename that file from c:/windows/system32 here you can view that file named wuauclt.exe just you can change the name by replacing v instead of w just i ve been affected  i found the soln here 3.I have done it


My Few References

Some Blogs I follow almost

1.Connecting Lan Using Samba,Empathy…..

2.Upgrade your Debian
3.Father of linux

4.Going GNU







11.Intersting C pgms

12.Do U want to know the Ip as well as DNS  addrs

13.To get linux exposure

14.Ubuntu-backup design


17.Only ubuntu

18.How to Rebuild the kernal-Guide

19. Format windows inside fedora click


21.Animate your avator image 22.Mobile google talk 23. Liunx For U



24.Slide give the idea about Carrier path  

25.Buddha(Pure) Words

26.How to write Software

27.Java Tutorial from MindProd


29.Python word aligning Code

30.Great Programmer Attributes


See Some Videos:


My Leader  always Great

imagesja I always follow them

My Nick

Navaneethan loves Tux(NavaTux) is nothing but it is the open source bird ,which uses free and opensource softwares

Learn to life


My Contact :

Name : Navaneethan.R

Qualification : B.TECH [IT]

Mail_ID :

Google page(personal) :

Native place : Namakkal

College : Kongu Engineering College in perundurai (2006-2010batch) Interests : Web browsing, playing cricket,whatever with my system

My Quote : ”I am the follower of leaders for leading them“

Favourite Leader : Respective Dr A.P.J .Abdul kalam


A Winner is

too busy

to be sad

too positive

to be doubtful

too optimistic

to be fearful

and too determined

also to be defeated

Thanks   by Navaneethan:-)

6 Responses to MyGallery

  1. Pingback: Change Task BAR name in Windows XP « GNU/LINUX Rocking……,

  2. Govi says:

    Hi Navaneethan,
    Nice to view your site ,hope you are nearest to me,my native place is salem,now i am in chennai.

  3. Navaneethan says:

    Nice to hear dude:-)ya I am from Nallipalayam in Namakkal near to you:-)

  4. Arulalan.T says:

    Hi Navaneethan .!.

    Very nice to see ur blog. its so cool.Really great.

    I am getting more ideas from ur blog stlye.


    (KEC Linux User Group) means Kongu Engg College ?

    Becoz we too running kanchi Lug.

    And “My Few References” its really superb.

    I didnt see such kind of thing in any one’s blog.

    Nice. I too planned to follow ur way of blog posting style.

    Thanks yar 🙂

  5. Navaneethan says:

    nice man…all the best….happy to have such a friend like you…..keep in touch;-)

  6. prasand says:

    u r blog was very nice na……..

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