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import struct – a glance

What is struct in python? struct is the python module which translates binary string to python types and vice versa. if you have any binary string which comes from network stream or anywhere can be directly translated to python types. … Continue reading

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Avoid duplicate process copy through cron

Scenario: You are executing a background job for every x minuts periodically.The job execution time takes approximately y mins.Sometimes y > x. So, you are endup with multiple duplicate active process running at back. Effets: If duplicate process runs at … Continue reading

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Same Log messages multiple times in Python [issue]

The Mistake happened in my python loggers what ? I use Python/Flask framework to develop web applications. So, For my few usecase scripts, I have to use the logger to log the flow.I have created a common handler which workes … Continue reading

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Ajax search predictor in Angularjs

Dynamic question predictor in AngularJs Objective We are using Flask framework for our dynamic question predictor when the user starts typing question in html text field, we have to kick one ajax event to fetch the relevant responses to be … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Inside the RegEx box

I happened to watch this below video which was explained with awesomeness.It is around an hour playing video. This guy has some magic really. When you are start playing this video, you will get started to hear surprises!! Q1. What … Continue reading

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Introspection of one simple github project

I had today few free hours..Are you free now? Recently I came across this project called sachintweets in github. I wanted to introspect the code to learn something from it.So, just a post like bookkeeping. Things I learned from github … Continue reading

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How to implement forgot password feature in Flask?

I am using Python, Flask, SqlAlchemy for my project which is being developed in Ubuntu 14.04. So, I am assuming you have the model called User which contains at least email address, password fields. So, it looks like, models.py class … Continue reading

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