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Erlang maps basics

erl> maps: for python>>>dict() people just watch and think series: How to create a new map in erlang? 47> 47> 47> MyNewMap = maps:new(). #{} 48> MyNewMap 48> . #{} 49> maps:put(name, “Navaneethan”, MyNewMap). #{name => “Navaneethan”} 50> MyNewMap. #{} … Continue reading

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Erlang day1

Erlang day1: Erlang shell an introduction How to use the erlang shell? few basic data structure tricks Erlang shell an introduction: In order to get your erlang shell,you have to install the erlang OTP for your platform(Windows/Linux). Once installed erlang … Continue reading

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an intro to Erlang

an intro to Erlang: I have started Erlang last weekend.Few things will amaze you if you start following it.You would get inspired of it’s powerful features.I would like to share with you my thoughts also what I learned in this … Continue reading

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List Processing Problem

Hi friends, Good morning,I have doubts Here I use the code to select the result for id from mysql db ConnString = “DSN=mysqldb”, {ok, Conn} = odbc:connect(ConnString, []), {selected, _Cols, Results} = odbc:sql_query(Conn, “SELECT * FROM marks where id=1”), io:format(“~p”,Results), … Continue reading

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