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Override save_model in Flask-Superadmin

Why we are here? This article covers how to excrypt the plaintext password when you create a user via Flask-Superadmin Flask admin or Django admin? As an introductory Flask-Admin is not a Django admin to be clear on what it … Continue reading

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Django Template Internals

Welcome and My gratitude for your patience and time. After a long time came to write by cut off 1 episode of prison break. Yesterday in my office we had a short discussion about django template system. Thanks to @shanmuganandhg and @rosarioarun … Continue reading

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where we have to use ‘through’ in django many-to-many model field?

where we have to use ‘through’ in django many-to-many model field? In django the many-to-many field used to have multiple relationships with referred and used models In generally, if you use many-to-many field django automatically creates a intermediate table suppose, … Continue reading

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Prepaid Mobile Recharge Error, Go with Django

It was an urgent to me for recharging the amount in mobile.when I was doing with hurry,the app frustrates me I filled all blank fields and it asked me for the confirmation also.   When i clicked the confirm button … Continue reading

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