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Win xp

Good challenge!!

How to change the Name”START” in Windows XP TaskBar Some little story Once I and my few friends  have gone to meet  final year seniors in my fresh year we have met few of seniors for good interaction.then suddenly my … Continue reading

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How NTFS comes

NTFS Overview Once Microsoft and IBM had decided to create graphical OS for OS/2 …At that they had developed the filesystem called HPFS After some days micosoft had broken from that project then it starts the work for windows NT … Continue reading

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Create Live CD

Ladies and Gentlemans, I think you have known that how to write CD/DVD using Any kind of software like Nero,Alchol etc… It is the same way to create live CD just you need to add some few files with the … Continue reading

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XP,Vista,Windows 7

you are slaved by windows Dear friends, This is the post by myfriend.In his laptop he has installed Vista,Windows7 respecitve order .after some days he wants to install Windows XP with them Finally he got XP only he just was … Continue reading

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Wubi problem

Friends just i had another problen in my hardy i think this is problem no 3 for my system as for as in hardy this is 2nd The problem is i have installed Ubuntu hardy in my system by the … Continue reading

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Change Task BAR name in Windows XP

Friend This post which for just change the the name of your taskbar in your windows Xp just it was the challenge for mine by my beloved seniors we can change the name of “start”button in your taskbar If you … Continue reading

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How Boot

The first thing is POST-Power On Self Test which is nothing but Testing your hardware with CMOS-Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor If some Error happens like Floppy does make bothering still your system boot.It ignore similar problems with some beeping. Once … Continue reading

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