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Class variable in python

What? class A(object): inst = 1 inst is the class variable Is class variable shared across the instances? Yes. but no. Usually, in object oriented languages like c++, java, the class variables are shared across instances. But here something different. … Continue reading

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import struct – a glance

What is struct in python? struct is the python module which translates binary string to python types and vice versa. if you have any binary string which comes from network stream or anywhere can be directly translated to python types. … Continue reading

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Is FB double equals to the Shakuni of Mahabharata?

Is Facebook Playing the role of The Shakuni from the Mahabharatha epic. Continue reading

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Knowledge is for Sharing

Knowledge is for sharing. “Just even if you are the best programmer in the world, not sharing means then nothing more useful by you.” “The wealth of the tree is considered upon producing the fruits.” Here Shathimaan does his job. … Continue reading

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Must read of RR Interview – (Imp to India)

THE INTERVIEW Rajas Mehendale, Sister Nivedita School, Dombivali East: The mere rumour of US cutting down on Federal stimulus saw the rupee crash; when will we see Indian policy affecting other countries so intensively? Raghuram Rajan: It’s a great question. I have … Continue reading

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Introspection of one simple github project

I had today few free hours..Are you free now? Recently I came across this project called sachintweets in github. I wanted to introspect the code to learn something from it.So, just a post like bookkeeping. Things I learned from github … Continue reading

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Disrespect is t…

Disrespect is the greatest relationship destroyer. Disrespect is never forgotten and not easily forgiven. The easiest way to destroy a relationship is to show disrespect to someone.One act of disrespect is sufficient for a relationship to break forever.We don’t have … Continue reading

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