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Knowledge is for Sharing

Knowledge is for sharing. “Just even if you are the best programmer in the world, not sharing means then nothing more useful by you.” “The wealth of the tree is considered upon producing the fruits.” Here Shathimaan does his job. … Continue reading

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Ajax search predictor in Angularjs

Dynamic question predictor in AngularJs Objective We are using Flask framework for our dynamic question predictor when the user starts typing question in html text field, we have to kick one ajax event to fetch the relevant responses to be … Continue reading

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How to implement forgot password feature in Flask?

I am using Python, Flask, SqlAlchemy for my project which is being developed in Ubuntu 14.04. So, I am assuming you have the model called User which contains at least email address, password fields. So, it looks like, class … Continue reading

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Override save_model in Flask-Superadmin

Why we are here? This article covers how to excrypt the plaintext password when you create a user via Flask-Superadmin Flask admin or Django admin? As an introductory Flask-Admin is not a Django admin to be clear on what it … Continue reading

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Prepaid Mobile Recharge Error, Go with Django

It was an urgent to me for recharging the amount in mobile.when I was doing with hurry,the app frustrates me I filled all blank fields and it asked me for the confirmation also.   When i clicked the confirm button … Continue reading

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Keep this python packages if you need

Welcome you! I have been facing the problem whenever I setup new amazon ec2 instance for the project. I need to setup the instance with all packages. I was searching repeatedly.It is better to take a snapshot of the packages … Continue reading

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Drink old Soup new soup not having the spicies

Hi Welcome u, Old is Gold Take the old beautiful soup It works fine but new soup has some problem with unicode and string. sorry If i confused you. Now for sometime I have been working on the parsing html … Continue reading

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