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Some vim commands

Hi Friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR This year brings happiness :recently_I_Learned _some_vim _commands :i_am_happy_to_share_with_you Now I would like to share with you some vim commands which i known recently,I hope you can get your commands in direct googling ,but here i … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemens If you are wanting to get linux exposure that means to get practical linux experience or else if you have any doubts regarding GNU/Linux ,it is the chance to get solution for that you can have the … Continue reading

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Build a Honeypot

How to build a honeypot?? Friends now we are going to see how to build a honeypot What is honey pot??? it is the technical solution which is used to monitor the intruder’s action There are several types of honey … Continue reading

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Kick seed installation

Hai i am hardy i was bored in installed by individual configuration but i want to be installed for my leader .so i have an idea that is termed as “kick seed installation” Let us see now “how to proceed” … Continue reading

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Intro about OpenNMS Open NMS It is the first network management platform using open source model which is to made available in commercial as well as open source The following areas are mainly considered in this openNMS Service polling Data … Continue reading

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