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Python magic gets

  __getattribute__ and __getattr__ and __get__ and __getitem__ Lets get into these many gets. __getattr__ if the lookup attribute does not available in instance’s __dict__, then it will call __getattr__, still if it does not get, raises an AttributeError The … Continue reading

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Class variable in python

What? class A(object): inst = 1 inst is the class variable Is class variable shared across the instances? Yes. but no. Usually, in object oriented languages like c++, java, the class variables are shared across instances. But here something different. … Continue reading

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Understand __mro__ What is mro? method resoultion order is an algorithm to choose the right method to get executed from inherited base classes. Where it is used? mro will be interesting if more than one base class is used, the method … Continue reading

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import struct – a glance

What is struct in python? struct is the python module which translates binary string to python types and vice versa. if you have any binary string which comes from network stream or anywhere can be directly translated to python types. … Continue reading

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Is FB double equals to the Shakuni of Mahabharata?

Is Facebook Playing the role of The Shakuni from the Mahabharatha epic. Continue reading

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Avoid duplicate process copy through cron

Scenario: You are executing a background job for every x minuts periodically.The job execution time takes approximately y mins.Sometimes y > x. So, you are endup with multiple duplicate active process running at back. Effets: If duplicate process runs at … Continue reading

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Same Log messages multiple times in Python [issue]

The Mistake happened in my python loggers what ? I use Python/Flask framework to develop web applications. So, For my few usecase scripts, I have to use the logger to log the flow.I have created a common handler which workes … Continue reading

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