Is FB double equals to the Shakuni of Mahabharata?

The intention of this article is comparing two completely difference scenarios

  1. The Mahabharatha story
  2. Facebook net-neutrality story.

Short Narration of The Great Mahabharata.

By viewing the Mahabharata in top angle, we have few players,.

The Sri Krishna & team(+pandavas), The Dhritarashtra & his sons (of-course, mainly Duriyothana, Dusshasana), and One important protagonist is(we need big introduction music here) Shakuni.

These three team has three different perspectives on each other.

What is the Goal of each team

Dhritarashtra’s & Co

The Dhritarashtra’s team want to have the control and long kingdom ship ever. They are not driven by themselves. They are being driven by sometimes positive force(Bhisma, Durona, Vidura), sometimes negative force (Saghuni’s mentorship).

Sri Krishna & Co

The Sri Krishna & team has the simple target of giving the freedom to live for the people. They want to give freedom and happiness to people in the sake of ruling the kingdom. They have the equal rights to share the kingdom

The one and only Shakuni

The Shakuni is the person who could not rule the kingdom authoritatively, want to have the control of the kingdom in his hands, Simply to say, each and every move should be driven from his thoughts.So, Actually he want to sit on the throne, king should be his chariot, so that king will drive his chariot horse based on his direction point.

End Scene

This is the small out view of entire Mahabharata. These mixed teams various thoughts finally ended up with more pain and damage to the innocent people though the krukshetra war.

Now lets come to the current drama which happens here what Facebook wants from India?

Similarly, we have few players here too.

Of course, Important team is Facebook&co, Our Indian Government, All other Digital vendors(like Google, LinkedIn, Coursera etc..)

Now you might have related these three people with the previous story. Lets go through little deep manner.

These teams has three different objective from each other.

The Indian Govt & Co

Similar to the Dhritarashtra’s objective.
They want to rule the nation for the very long period. Sometimes they are driven by positive forces(activist, people etc..), sometimes they are driven by negative forces(The people who corrupts the govt to inject their business model).

The Digital Vendors & Co

I would say they are the decent digital vendors. Since, they are making their business out of their value of the product which reaches to the fellow people. Take example of Google Search, Coursera courses, Gitlab codes, News magazines etc..
Their competition is in healthy manner. They don’t want to imperialise others illegible way.Yeah Ofcourse! They are decent.

Next is…(again needs aloud music here) The Facebook:

It has some value which is being given to the people. It has some valuable stock options which is higher than few other digital vendors. It is lesser than the top value creators(like Google). Now The Facebook wants to sit on the throne, so the Govt can be on it’s chariot driver, so that it can direct the Govt to rule the entire community. Catch the business

“Absolutely, there is NO much wrong on these various minds as long as they are not harming others illegally, especially not harming the fellow citizens.”

But the Imperialism happens,

Similar to Mahabharatha

How Shakuni plotted a plan for the fall of pandavas illegally, hypnotizing the Dhritarashtra’s mind and started driving him, injected his venomous action (by falling apart Dharma, keeping the Adharma), involved in false actions to reach his goal.

Why Facebook is compared with Shakuni?

Facebook creates the wrong policy statement by making it’s users supporting it’s policy without explaining the proper context to them. (injecting venomous view by closing the eyes of the customer)

Trying to make the fall apart the other valuable digital vendors(if Facebook starts driving the data carrier freely for it’s revenue growth, what would happen to other digital vendors. Facebook is trying to make other digital vendors to pay the corruption fee, so that they could drive their business as they want to. If not, simply Facebook will take over their business.)

Where is Dharma? (Facebook want to change the policy for their lust, simply closing the other eye, not to see the repercussions which would happen for the people.)

Further read

We don’t want to have the similar end scene of Mahabharata even here too. Hence, I am finishing up this article by deriving

Facebook == The Shakuni of Mahabharatha.

Gratitude for your time.

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