an intro to Erlang

an intro to Erlang:

I have started Erlang last weekend.Few things will amaze you if you start following it.You would get inspired of it’s powerful features.I would like to share with you my thoughts also what I learned in this one day.

Erlang creations:

Using erlang, there are quite # of powerful tools were built for real time usage.For example,

  • Facebook chat 100million requests are being handled
  • simpledb in AWS were implemented
  • Delicious bookmarking tool
  • sms component in TMobile
  • rabbitmq
  • couchdb
  • It has been tested in all sides in ATM AXD301 machine.

What erlang gives to us?

It is the concurrent programming language. It derives many features from various type of programming language to be focused o concurrent application implementation effectively.

So, Erlang guts are

  • No shared memory
  • Functional programming language
  • immutable and pattern matching

No sharing

There is nothing about shared memory in erlang virtual machine.The process communication is handled through message passing in asynchronous way to avoid synchronization overhead.So, it is the server side programming language, where you can derive the needful specific behavior(event handler, finite state machine) from erlang library to implement your server.

immutable and pattern matching

variables can’t be reassigned.The value of the variable can’t be changed.It has the feature called pattern matching to extract the data from the clause.

Functional programming language

Dynamic type system is used in erlang. Functional programming features are the core in erlang.

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  1. Srinivasreddy Jakkireddy says:

    Good one nava Keep writing…

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