Knowledge is for Sharing

Knowledge is for sharing.

"Just even if you are the best programmer in the world, not sharing means then nothing more useful by you."
"The wealth of the tree is considered upon producing the fruits."

Here Shathimaan does his job. He made a book called i want 2 do project, tell me what 2 do which is the composed version of his experience.

I appreciate him first.

I ordered this book last week for Rs 399. I got it delivered by today. Initially, i felt little disappointed when i took first look of the book.Since, it has very less no of pages for the cost Rs 399.I started it, it went very well, everything was explained in crispy manner, no less in clarity. All flavors are mixed in the manner which will make strengthen the understanding of getting things done.

I realized in the midst of the chapter that I was wrong on my initial disappointment. 😦

I would say shortly, This book is like a “ABCD for the software programmers”. Everyone should have passed this understanding, before taking their weapons. I am happy at least I am getting understand right now. Thank you Shakthi Kannan for this wonderful piece. I am sure, this creature will make more creatures in open source industry.

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  1. very useful for software Engineers…

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