where we have to use ‘through’ in django many-to-many model field?

where we have to use ‘through’ in django many-to-many model field?

In django the many-to-many field used to have multiple relationships with referred and used models

In generally, if you use many-to-many field django automatically creates a intermediate table

suppose, for your mighty usecase, you want to add some additional fields in that intermediate table

you can go proceed with the ‘through‘ feature


refer-doc link https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/db/models/#intermediary-manytomany

In the above attached image, the Membership class contains the additional fields like date_joined,invite_reason available as I explained above

Without using this special feature, if you do the adding extra fields(date_joined,invite_reason) in the Group class itself,

you can have the field for the each group object like


but not like this




To obtain this usecase we have to go with ‘through‘ attribute feature as availble in the diagram


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