Prepaid Mobile Recharge Error, Go with Django

It was an urgent to me for recharging the amount in mobile.when I was doing with hurry,the app frustrates me

I filled all blank fields and it asked me for the confirmation also.


When i clicked the confirm button it throws me


I think they have done in struts

It frustrates the customer isn’t?

better they can move to Django to avoid these kind of frustrating problem to make unfriendly with customer.




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3 Responses to Prepaid Mobile Recharge Error, Go with Django

  1. Great thinking you have, i totally agree with you that they should move to Django so in future other people don’t face this error, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thats not Structs problem they have not added Validation to Form.
    That is Developer bug. not strts mistake

  3. Navaneethan says:

    Yes Mr Krishna, Struts (appearing)giving complexity to make every operation on the developer level. The developer who did this site could not manage completely due to some development issue, even Airtel is a big network in India.So, If the people started using the framework which gives completeness in easy way(less window), there would not be any such a problem to be faced by customer.The small networks are doing great pleasant experience with customers using such open source framework like Django.

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