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Technologies don’t matter. 

Programmers like to talk about technology. Is Ruby better than Python? Which RPC layer is faster? Should Facebook use Python and not PHP? This is great, and you should know and have opinions about those facts (especially if you’ve followed the latter advice). But quite surprisingly, if you look at successful and unsuccessful engineering efforts, there is essentially no correlation between success and the exact types of technologies that are used. What matters is who is working on a team, how they use the technologies, and how they work together. Good software engineering is done by good software engineers. It’s rarely done with the perfect programming language, or the preferred operating system, or using the most hyped new technology. A lot of the hardest challenges in software development concern the way people communicate and work together, not in raw technology.

There are many important corollaries to this: Pick programming languages you or your team use well, or are aligned with the market, or are popular enough you can hire folks. Be pragmatic, not religious about how you solve problems. Learn by working with great engineers, and seeing how they solve problems, not by preferring a particular approach. Realize that effective communication and good engineering culture are even more important than powerful tools

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