Drink old Soup new soup not having the spicies

Hi Welcome u,

Old is Gold

Take the old beautiful soup It works fine but new soup has some problem with unicode and string.

sorry If i confused you.

Now for sometime I have been working on the parsing html data in python.For this operation we have the standard module called “BeautifulSoup“.When I was working with this suddenly i have faced the problem “HTMLParserError” after i got to go google.

It says that

“you r using the new BeautifulSoupSome modifications has been done on the new soup module that is the parsing is happening from html rather to use lxml.”

So, again I asked the version to find my soup.

again it says politely,


>>>import BeautifulSoup


>>>””” Here you need to notice the output .ie Version

So, I did the same thing and I got the number 3.1.7

again I conducted him.

It says,

“Try to install the version 3.0.1a” will be somewhat good.

Again i need to follow that.

I did it downloaded the exact version and installed(3.0.1a) after uninstalled the old one(3.1.7).



Now it works fine. 🙂

If i face any new issue let you know 🙂

bye 😉


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