Python Experience

Hi Friends,

I have been working with python for quite long.I got to write some scripting it.Even from my college days itself I started to roam around c,c++ and Java now python.It is seems to be easy when you compare with others since Other tools appears too much code to pick up when you compare with python code.but in Performance vice we have to think a while with python!!!

Even I have good experience with python programming,I frankly say I have to improve a lot like coding in a professional way using classes and it’s concepts as well as analyzing the better performance way? yeah thats absolutely important..Any suggestions.?

Currently my code look like:


def  fun2(arg2):


def fun1(args1):



def fun3(arg3):


In the way I am doing but I wanna improve from this..

Recently I was coming through MAP,REDUCE,FILTER,LAMBDA builtin methods.I think they recommended mostly not to use map since acquiring high memory.

Python has potential to grow.but it is lacking i think.


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2 Responses to Python Experience

  1. valar says:

    Anna, it’s good working with python.
    which books you referred for python..

  2. Navaneethan says:


    For the Starters I would recommend “Byte of python” from no needof any particular books since you will find the way automatically 😉

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