FHS root filesystem

bin                                                              Essential command binaries
boot                                                           Static files of the boot loader
dev                                                            Device files
etc                                                             Host-specific system configuration
lib                                                             Essential shared libraries and kernel                                                                                    modules
media                                                       Mount point for removable media
mnt                                                           Mount point for mounting a filesystem                                                                                  temporarily
opt                                                            Add-on application software packages
sbin                                                          Essential system binaries
srv                                                             Data for services provided by this system
tmp                                                           Temporary files
usr                                                             Secondary hierarchy
var                                                             Variable data
home                                                        User home directories (optional)
lib                                                                Alternate format essential shared libraries (optional)
root Home directory for the root user (optional)

/usr and /var hierarchies


The /usr and /var hierarchies are complex enough to have complete sections of the FHS devoted to them. The /usr filesystem is the second major section of the filesystem, containing shareable, read-only data. It can be shared between systems, although present practice does not often do this.


The /var filesystem contains variable data files, including spool directories and files, administrative and logging data, and transient and temporary files. Some portions of /var are not shareable between different systems, but others, such as /var/mail, /var/cache/man, /var/cache/fonts, and /var/spool/news, may be shared.


To fully understand the standard, read the FHS document contact me


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