I have gone this week to Roundana in Erode to visit the book fair festival which was very very nice and this is the first time to me that seen this much of books and good organization .The trip was very pleasure for me and enjoyed a lot ,there is no words in my dictionary to explore my emotion after stepped out of it.I think every year which has been conducted this book fair as well as there are more models or leaders had visited and given a talk in this shop day-by-day almost ten days,it is also a fortune to have it.

I have visited all sections almost,Most of the times i couldn’t able to step out of each section ,especially the Tamil novels,English books,leader’s history so nice to read,please have a look on it with your passion

Eventually I have bought four books

1.Main kampf by A.hitler

2.Billgates the software sultan by chokkan

3.learn yoga

4.Kanndhasan kavithaigal

Billgates the software sulthan by chokkan

After reached home stated read Billgates the software sultan the character was awesome,It explore how he became from normal state to enlarged,what were the reasons,what was his talents,so much things elaborated there. finished in almost 10 hrs.

author :

Main kampf by A.hitler

It is the autobiography by adolf hitler who had written this couple of volumes when he was imprisoned which i need to read right now …It feels slowly moving anyway the words are good see as a keep on going…

learn yoga

It tells about the aasanas which has to make healthier the uses of each aasana…,the ways to do those informations has been attached there,..

Kanndhasan kavithaigal

In my college time I used myself to write some poems in tamil after that it was seemed like the reluctant one, on accout of the long gap,so i bought this book to have a touch with my tamil skills..I hope this ll be great and will occur elegantly ,wish me friends

My belief full thought is books are the absolutely true friends which helps more to lead you in the good way,Those are always the profitable even if you spend more money than your income.

Our the great living leader Dr.APJ Abdulkalam had come the previous year for this great occasion,and he talked that in every each family you should maintain a library,and atleast you should spend a hour for your true friends that meant for books i hope we can achieve this crisp talk by the leaders way.

bye bye 🙂


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