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Here we are going to see about the LFY of JUN’10

Jun'10 LFY

It is one of fantastic issues which i red almost.there are lot of articles which has been discussed elegantly.we had received Ubuntu(Lucid) and Knoppix 6.2 DVDs.


I have red few articles which has been admitted superb.The section “FOR U & ME” Linux On the Go which has nice overview about Linux,after that ArchBang and Arch Linux comparison has given lightly and in deep manner.Fedora 13 review was good “GODDRAD” review


In “DEVELOPERS” section challengers in platform selection” is a elegant article.Here we spent time more that I learnt about Micro kernal,Monolithic kernal,and Hybrid kernal,..Hard real time system ,soft real time system where it is using…,and GPO(general purpose system),RTOS(Real time operating system)…. nicely explained :-] In hybrid kernal the work is done like monolithic as well as micro ..the operation has been handled with help of FIFO queue channel

Challenges in platform selection


In “TIPS & TRICKS ” section we can know something ….that I remember here is ENABLE CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE” for configuring x in jaunty we need to install the package”dontzap”…

Difference between “whoami” and “who am i” commands

friend@Friend-laptop:~$ whoami
friend                                                     //User id only

friend@Friend-laptop:~$ who am i
friend   pts/0        2010-06-20 18:09 (:0.0)       //login info also
HDFS – Hadoop file system database article is knowledgeable

The author S G Ganesh who has given “Understanding the Lifetime of a C program” good to know atleast now itself detaily….ha….ha.!!
Then i need to complete this issue candidly….just shared something for U….share with me via your comments

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  1. balachandar says:

    hi nava, really good post.you are going awesome and looking more professional then before. Proud to be your friend keep going:-)

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