Past 2 months….

Hello friends,
Welcome you all…!!!
Now i ll share the experiece of mine for past almost two months …
Before I used to update all my details frequently in my weblog but due to some unwanted reasons it was postponded…one happy and sad news “My College days are finished i mean i am a graduate”!!!
In my last semester what i can say!! many things happened!!I can say sure there is some improvement and some degradation…Here i am gonna share my last sem experience
My name of the project is “HiPE Result Publisher” in erlang a concurrent programming language which has been guided by Mr Suresh.P IT dept,I was rally guided by my very good friends SHANMUGANANTH,SIVA anna…thanks to them
In my project I was decided to do with couple of was going fine…
many of the flaws and problems happening at intermediately…for i need to make the understand about my project i was taken rish in  many aspects…that moments was very nice….I can see my eagerness….ya the days moved nice…in some situations I got many scolds by my guide..then finally i came to a point of the understanding of my project detaily…my friend @balachandarkm has helped a lot…for completing my project….thanks to him…it might be neglect work for him..
at the final stage the co-ordinator who don’t get satified of my project…
any way i worked something for it…I ll get the credits whether it is good or bad ..need to be updated myself…but i have done many mistakes during those days
mistakes on planning,some lazyness are the reasons….
It is a disease almost affcted me ..still i am not get recovery from that…at starting i don’t what is it?How it ll be?..then i came to understand by my experience well…I had attended for many MNC’s many failures too…I keep rectifying my problems….going on….
Learned little bit erlang,had eated some tablets for the disease placement,..

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One Response to Past 2 months….

  1. balachandar says:

    dear nava,
    It is really good to work with you. You have good enthusiasm and that helped me lot of times. You are one among a few who have similar interests like me and i really miss you these days.

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