Good guest-lecture

Today is the last function for us final years UG.

Today guest talk was very nice as well as very enthusiasm..courageous..enjoyed a lot..good motivator..good experienced person…

He is called Mr.Karthick from one multimedia based company such a nice person to put his effort for his growth..describing to all KEC pupil

Had a wonderful job loves him,Demonstrated some of the events which are happened usually in cine field especially Dhasavatharam film the way took that which was shown perfectly..once again claps for him within a certain duration

Also He used to say In KEC about Dr Selvam who is a nice person motivates him to glow in multimedia industry,he mentioned that also
as well as he explained his work hard that at starting he came to lecture by a common bus with a cpu to our college..after some days he came for the same purpose by friend’s motorcycle…again after few days came by own coming by a car for the same purpose…those all happened by his hardwork.He sure to share here such a nice way.

How it was happened??what went in those days???

just His confidence and his work with his mother’s support he told it to us.

His statements to our students:

job is bit tough when you came out of college to grab it,but you need a confidence and enough talents..take a new technology deep into it.It creates a challenging environment outside college..surely you need to work hard heavily.
If you concern in multimedia side it is quite possible to en roll but just it is not easy at the same time need to be very well in (character….)multimedia terminology.

If you are doing engineering currently as well as interested in multimedia meant explore maya and combustion

He is making a film by his team in erode now,as well as conducting multimedia course like maya..for future technicians
the work time will be evening 6 to 8 for 5 months..assure for placement..

students murmured he is a good guidance..

then started to stop his talk since less time,Started to distribute prizes to the winners…

at finally we met him lot of fun when he said about 100% attendance by the winner students compared him such a nice funnnn.

then he arrived 🙂


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