Sachin is GOD for Cricket

Sachin The love 

I love Sachin very much as I told in my blog previously you can read it once in my previous post.

I know the match started usually..I was got shocked by schewag got out then I was happied by sachin’s standing,watching the match in Dr.selvam’s class but without knowing him with help of laptop.after a period of time I moved to hostel then I went to see only one over of this match for Sachin without do anything,then I started to enjoy myself because of their’s incredible partnership,the were hitting 4,4,4…5,1,like this manner,really cooled

I think no need to describe the match once again

I come to final touch,Even I didn’t think Sachin hit double century when he was 160 after i thought,My Heart was expecting his outstanding performance,he had done it,He saves all Indian’s heart..Thanks to the Great Indian to make us proud among other nations.


Basically a simple man who plays for enjoyment not only for making the records,he doesn’t want any records,the records are only wanting him … have them by him,All bowlers from the one of the best team RSA like parnell,steyn,dumini,merviee etc..including kallis were smashed by my master..I felt that shock treatment on their’s face(bowlers),He is used to made few batsmen well (yousuf,D karthik,Ms Dhoni),I need to really congratulate them all.

Whenever we speak out about Sachin automatically respect comes from our heart especially for me.really I am very happy to have the person like him in this country..

If I love cricket means presence of Sachin only,

If I hate cricket means the absence of Sachin only really it is true.

I pray GOD to make you happier in this world,Any way The almost whole world is for you,behind you…

you are the silent ruler in this democratic country

you are ruling this world by your bat.

really My heart giving this message to you my love man.

I may have less content,but each one is from my heart not my mouth this is true whale .

I am very easy to count the remain records that you have not done…

Who says no GOD?? then who is Sachin?? for Cricket passions

If Cricket is a religion then Surely Sachin is GOD

There is two kind of Batsman this world one is Sachin Tendulkar second is All the others 🙂

Thanks to all for spending some time with me 🙂




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