Avoid Corruption


Corruption shows your greedy,

Corruption makes you empty in your life,It creates problem to you

Can you possible to live without corruption??

yaa..you must.. then only you ll be great

Indian Film

I watched a movie INDIAN,I was impressed to see the superior person like old kamal hassan ,He had handled the way to destry the social issues were nice,Especially to reduce the corruption….to talk about corruption it is the biggest problem in out nation that makes rich get richer and poot get poorer as the film #Sivaji said

Really we need to avoid that atleast like the person #Indian grandpa

Think a twise of the film,Not only for entertainment it is’

We are creating problems,We only are searching the solution so we depend others and finally we enter into wrong way”

Only people we must rectify ourself others what todo

Any way The concept is great,we people should keep some basic things which should not make the problem to others

That is important


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