ENjoyable Sunday

Here I am sharing my sunday 21/02/2010 waht i was done in my home….shortly wasted..

I was come in this sunday taking rest to my home,In this morning i woke up 8am and i took a cup of milk then i continued my sleep still 10 am,than i started to start breakfast 12pm sorry it is lunch,before it is i saw some program in sun TV

Arattai Arangam:

The topic was which marriage is best love marriage or arrange marriage??

There somebody argued for arrange marriage and the one gentle man has shared his feelings regarding his life,most of the people are supported to him

Makkal Arangam:

Really this is a nice program which describes lot of things regarding humanity values and flaws,this is awesome program to each citizen,In this program a girl who trying to open the closed eyes of citizens regarding it’s duty.Really this program which creates awareness between people

I starred it

Cricket Match:

Then i was waiting for the our match INDIA Vs RSA,India moved to bat.I enjoyed,Unfortunately got tensed due to sachin’s wicket,then nicely moved by Dinesh Karthik and schwag.Each batsman went out to bevilion avgly 30..40 like the way,
then Raina stand ed well,Kholi’s passion is great,Eventually India moved almost 300.

It’s bowling department to win,Bowling was really good even absence of Bhajji,Zaheer…rest of the bowlers done well atlast few overs only runs scored better by south Africans,kallis batted well,Ninth wicket partnership got 65 runs,this was the flaw by Indian bowlers…Then finally India got incredible victory but almost defeated..RSA was 298 .the difference was only a run

I was spent a day in my bed with TV only as well as i had some information regarding Bruce lee,Nice infos.

In this day i thought to read some books which i bought before come to my home those are Nammikkai,Thannambikkai,Kanavu meippadum by sugi sivam but i used nothing i frustrated myself

Any way I enjoyed with some news in my TV and Monitored Indian’s effort for this cricket

Thanks god to give oppurtunity to share here


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