Teaching is the Great Passion

Hi Friends,

What about the current way of teaching??

Here is the video that teaches you to how to teach the way to attract the all persons?? Here is the example which is the awesome one

Basically Indians are hard workers that meant they are working hardly in hard-way so, it gets long time to achieve.think a minute make it twice

The current way of Indian education system which makes fuss to atleast a bunch of pupil because they are not interesting  this is not good …Problem is not from the pupil entirely..It is also along the person who focused i mean who teaches ..He/She is responsible mainly and merely so Eventually The bunch of the students foisted to take any one of the subject and pulled down towards it..totally they are to vigilance to get trajectory

sure they can’t be parallelize to do them selves for concentrating more no of subjects particularly for example at starting carrier the student who gets the interest in physics that is not in chemistry..Chemistry teacher is responsible..He/She hasn’t a good way to teach..that is the main thing.

Our former President Respectful APJ Abdul kalam has said that Every teacher is Important….They are one of the responsible s to make the India No 1 in all view…Here I am not telling the teachers are all in wrong just I am conveying the way to them which is shown in the video like that….

“Each person is responsible if any thing goes wrong around us”

If the way of teaching ll be attractive, really Many Abdulkalam,Scientists,Einstein we can get……

Current System?????



Finally Success comes you ALL IS WELL


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2 Responses to Teaching is the Great Passion

  1. deenadayalan says:

    ya V all Waiting for such a type of change ..!! Nava

  2. Navaneethan says:

    If we work towards it rather than wait means it ll be perfect 🙂

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