Good morning

This day i blog about my pongal celebrations,henceforth day of my pongal i had 1st review of my project which was done good,then i arrived to my home with some excitements.

Wednesday 14 nth my pongal journey started,that day I have spent on watching some TV programs,talking with my few friends,followed by eating itself on that day nothing special in my home except i came

on Thursday we had celebrated the pongal with the victim of that particular day(cow)

we have prepared the things for festival on that day,really the solar eclipse was nice,

we have enjoyed it with my friends,finally at the evening we have done it.this is the first time to have lately

after that we were enjoyed with by visioning the game for the specific pongal

at the final day of my holiday i have spoken with my seniors ,i had shared my many things with them thanks to them 🙂

on that night i was aware of my work


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