Alumni Lecture

Hai friends

Good noon to all ,In this fine saturday we had the oppurtunity to attend a alumni lecture,starting we were in passive mode to have it,once i entered that hall and admitted to listen …yaa…really which was informative and thinkable one…
He has discussed regading the future education to improve the society
He put some more points to think

1.Faculty’s approach

2.Do what you Love

3.Whoever couldn’t able to tolerate the failures(afraid of failure)those who are not never succeed

4.Encourage others

5.Don’t’ accept other’s thoughts if you couldn’t digest

6.Listen other’s thoughts

7.No hierarchy in your job

8.Take a freedom,you can do whatever you want without make disturbance to others

9.The future is in your hand only(compete….)


there are more things which was struggled in my head,Finally i got visiting card of him.

thanks to him…he will be used in my future :B-)

He was the CSE of my college 🙂


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