Happy New year :-)

Wish you Happy new year 2010 to all my friends B-)….It is the one of the special years for us

In 2009…..

I would like to give my wonderful thanks of ton to 2009 which shaped me a particular shape in this world for world,i had got many victories as well as many losses in 2010,really those things which could be used to lead always in my life ofcourse.so,thanks 2009!!

I ve done…

In my previous year i mean the 6th,7th semester in my Engineering carrier I got to learn many thinks,almost i worked hard with my pleasure,so only my sound has to be increased silently…ya it is past..i don’t want remember much past things…past is past..


One main thing is i would like to convey my thanks to my parents,my friends,guardians,who ever helped me to lead in a better path in 2009 before itself…really thanks to each heart :-)If i had done any thing wrongly to the nearers(as i mentioned before)of me..really i would like to ask them to forgive me:-)

from 2010….,

Welcome 2010 …really i ll work well with pleasure…I am going learn as much as i can as well i need to plot many things to my objective…i will mention it as soon as possble here…i would need to form a people for my service ….really i will give later just i indexed here…I have taken few resolutions in this my 2010
by depending upon my situations as well as environments.

Any way i congratulate and wish all to have good work and social service in this year 2010.Alll the best:-)


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