I Like Opera

Hi all,

Here is one fight with you!! what the browser you are using ultimately?
because i am using Opera 10 which has lot features that i like,here i should mention my lovable features of opera
Obviously i used many browsers like IE,Mozilla,…etc,but eventually opera wins,after i started to use opera i liked the email in your way that meant you can receive and send mails at On-the-fly,the next one is opera widgets that i liked much news groups,irc,etc…

Then the zoom option at the corner which i liked,the content ll be flexible by using it,especially In opera 10 turbo,unite is finly working,Obviously turbo is used for boostup the content based on the bit-rates that transferring,

unite is to share the datas without uploading but i am not used unite.then Speed dial which gives the good appearance really nice when i apply the background image by configuring it .

Obviously the data loading is the special in opera.it means first the less sizable contents ll be load then only the large sizable ll be preferred.i meant it ll be useful for slow connectionable environments..really awesome..i am one of the person having it.
the searching option is also good sown in the figure


lot of search

If you want more information about this http://www.opera.com/browser/features/

Finally rocking opera

If  you want to give your expectation it is the place to put

this opera srtuggled me some time where?

whenever i am browsing sometime suddenly all pages are closed and it asks whether “sent the error report” to opera owner or you “don’t want to send”….it sucks ….but it was rare…..any way ..everyone has error in this world ..

It is good


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