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How to change the Name”START” in Windows XP TaskBar

Some little story Once I and my few friends  have gone to meet  final year seniors in my fresh year
we have met few of seniors for good interaction.then suddenly my one of the seniors who asked with us “have you known how to change the name”START” in windows task bar few friends had said to them what they thought but at that time i didn’t know what they are asking ..I got the answer after a long time …..

How to change

First you have to have the suite Resource Hacker

After installed Resource Hacker just you can open explorer.exe (c:\Windows\explorer.exe) via Resource Hacker

You can view some of the files which starts from Bitmap in the form of class view

You have to click the plus(+) in String table

it will be extracted after you clicked

Then also you have to expand the string 37 for non classical style
for classical style you have to expand 38

After expanding that you have to choose 1033

Afetr you have chosen that in rightside you can view some contents

In this contents (578 , start)you could edit “start” you can place the string what you want to be displayed

After that click compile script then one important matter is you shouldn’t click save file

you should choose “save as” and save the compiled Resources in the location (C:\Windows\*****.exe)

for example that consider that you have stored explorernava.exe

Then goto the registery editor (regedit)

Follow this by pressing

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\ Winlogon”

in this winlogon right side you can view shell double click that

change the value data what you have store in the location of (C:\Windows\*****.exe)for example in my
system i have store explorernava.exe

just close that log off your system then you can view the taskbar……


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