Offline installation in fedora

Hi all,

I am not using fedora now,but infact sometimes few persons asked with me that how to install the packages in offline mode<using fedora iso or dvd without internet conncetion>

I stated to search,then i found the mere solution

“”The Fedora DVD has a ‘repository’ configured in it. So, all you need to
do is tell yum to use it.
Here’s how.

1. Mount the DVD to a known path (modify the following as per your
mkdir /mnt/dvd
mount /dev/dvd /mnt/dvd

If you want to mount the ISO image (instead of the actual DVD):
mount -o loop /path/to/iso/image /mnt/dvd

2. Add a yum repository (do as root):
vim /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-dvd.repo

Add the following in that file:
name=Fedora DVD

Save and close the file.

3. As given in the file, the repo is disabled by default. Otherwise,
every time you use yum, it will try to access the DVD mount point.

4. To install something from the DVD:
yum –disablerepo=* –enablerepo=fedora-dvd install some_package“”.

I got these contents from my one of discussion group

I hope this is worth for you unless give it here



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2 Responses to Offline installation in fedora

  1. it dint you ve to do some additional tweaks… refer my blog post

  2. Navaneethan says:

    oh! i didn’t practice it dharani , i have got it by querying with groups only that i mentioned above
    anyway thanks for your redirection 🙂

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