Registration Makes fuss

Hi friends,

I need to create a free domain ,so i have chosen to create a domain in CO.CC ,but i had some problems with it

I have refered many sites that how to create a new free domain?,by following that

1.I registered my account  Registeration

2.I entered my domain name after that it doesn’t show anythingi don’t what i to do

When i am clicking the option “check availability” it doesn’t responses

Domain name


After i clicked “check availabilty” option it doesn’t response anything

Doesn't response

After this stage i ve tried so many times,then Eventually i got successsss <Name of our uncle>

final domainNotes:

Yaa..really it is a zany work …nothing to worry…due to my slow internet connection i got fuss….but just i need to mention about my work here ..Be happy…


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