Happy Gandhi Jayanthi…Read it

Hi all, (Read fully)

I wish you all to follow the principles of Gandihiji ,he was the great leader ,good decisioning,etc..he had sacrificed his life for all Indians,we have to remember his principles at least this day

Basically he wanted people should be unique, we people should take the life without violation,In India we have n number of resources than all other countries

but infact Indians most are lacking in their positions …try to think….

we have to work hard with helping tendency… we have to take care about society, nation not only in family…but mast of the Indians are locked with their family only not thinking beyond their family even they had educated

It is one of the mistakable point..we need not to be heady to the third person

we have enough talent,resources,good leaders …..If the leaders are not good try you to be a leader.

why we are waiting..?

this is good time to start all indians

please go ahead, our one of the goal should be making our country without impoverty people

we can …we will…..

Hello all indians please don’t migrate to other nations,because this is not incorrect but consider “The son of one family having mother and father is migrating to another family to improve the third family even his family in impoverty line“…this is very very bad situation

we should not do to our Country “The Great India

think twise ….and make decision …share here….

be a Gandhian

bomb bursted in India

bomb bursted in India

I need to reborn

I need to reborn

I ll be Like you my father of my nation

I ll be Like you my father of my nation


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