I love this ,This project is going on development

This light weight environment which makes easy to work for lower configuration with high interesters

Now i am using lxde along with gnome,i need to use this without gnome environment


It is also the light weight environment but it fails to run in older hardware so some are to migrate to lxde

Installation lxde other informations search lxde in search tab here

lxde screen shot


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5 Responses to Lubuntu

  1. fooman (usa) says:

    i have recently installed “masonux”, which is an extremely lightweight, ubuntu-based lxde distribution. i am using it on my hp-mini netbook and it is a really fine distro….great for older systems as it is stripped down to the very core of a default ubuntu installation, but you still have the option of adding any of the ubuntu packages using synaptic or apt-get. the default install is very small, so it can be used on older, smaller hard drives and although it requires 256mb of ram for the graphical installer….it will easily run on less.

    i highly recommend this distro for older, amller systems and for netbooks. here is a link:

    enjoy and peace to you.

  2. Navaneethan says:

    Thanks for sharing dude

  3. fooman (usa) says:

    your welcome 🙂

    forgive my spelling….”amller systems” should of course be “smaller systems”

    i am a terrible typist.

    hope you get to try “masonux”, i was really impressed with how fast it is and how sharp it looks!

  4. Navaneethan says:

    My friend i downloaded masonux now itself finished,i am going to install …keep in fring


  5. Navaneethan says:

    Thanks to fooman for masonux

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