MY Hardy’s Soft trouble

Hi Friends,

Good morning””

I am using ubuntu hardy heron Lxde which is very interesting to use and too awesome,recently It has’t enter into root and any user  just xserver starts and it does’t further enter into GUI ,I don’t know “What was going there with hardy”

I had posted my problems in ubuntuforums and i got some suggestions then

I had pushed to reinstall my hardy then i have installed lot my packages which was installed in my hardy already (prev) by the method of my some previous posts

All the packages was installed successfully!! but then it sucks to install update also any other package using Nic card(Bsnl) …conflict problem occurs

Then i have searched the solution to replace my repository,eventually i got

sudo apt-get install upgrade

sudo apt-get install update

which works fine

Now i am installing the packages whatever i want in my hardy,still i want to use solaris with my hardy…..searching????


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