The Great ,Wise,Smart,…..,

Hi all,

The Respected My great modal C.N.ANNADURAI who was the very great person from whoever i have known.

Just i give one example to known the great’s talent.

One day anna had arranged the meeting to speak at Thiruvarur .The function had arranged at 6.00 pm

When anna was going by car for that meeting,The car had some problem so ANNA was to want to attend that meeting because basically he was nice person always so he didn’t want to  frustrate others who were waiting to hear anna’s speech

anna had reached that place at early morning 4.00 am but the meeting was 6.00 pm

Here one important thing was there was a lot of crowd at that time also ,there was none of them to return to their home,they were expecting very much for ANNA

some of the people had slept at that place because they too liked ,They had committed themselves to hear anna’s speech at here

so they were ready to wait for anna,then anna came and he waked up the slept peoples and he explored the innovative ,valuable ,smartful speech

all of them were happied and enjoyed

like this was happening more times due to anna’s talent spoken  ,he was the powerful mission of politics…… 




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