Pop of Thirukkural

Hi all,

Thirukkural is the tolerable one for specially for Tamilian’s life,Becasue It has the description of  “How the Ideal life or family should be

What we have to do to get the idealness in our society”  which is great thing to make the peple saint after their’s life

It s my pleasure  to explore about thirukkural….I m enjoying

One Small story about the pop-of-THIRUKKURAL

Leo Tolstoy is one of the greatest persons in the world especially he was a good writer,He had written many books

Once our Father-Of-Nation Respected Mahathma Gandhiji was reading his book(that book was written by tolstoy).At that time  Gandhiji had red line that is ” People have to do help or goodthing even for their enemies They should not be remain their actions (Enemies action) which may be affect you but you should be able to do help or being good to your enemy”

Mahathma Gandhiji

Mahathma Gandhiji

I red Thirukkural

I am LeoTolstoy

These lines which was attracted by Gandhiji

Gandhiji suddenly wrote a letter to tolstoy “These lines are very nice I like more than other lines”

Tolstoy replied that “the Respected Gandhiji These lines are taken from The great tool THIRUKKURAL

(kural starts )

Inna Seitharai  oruthal……..

Gandhiji at that time got pleasure and he whispered to others “If I were possible to born at next generation then I would be very glad when i am having my mother tongue is TAMIL


The Tamil is very good language which has all specialities …But we people can’t able to understand the pop of tamil

We are migrating to other languages like English or Hindhi etc….

We should be ready to feel for that

shortly I m saying (please read the belowth lines like tamil pronun)

Puriyatha piriyam

Pirium pothu purium”

At least we have to do whatever we can for tamil growth!!

I m useful to ur life

I m useful to ur life

Do What i say

Do What i say


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5 Responses to Pop of Thirukkural

  1. karthik says:

    t was good dude. a unknown nd a valuable information for all tamils.

  2. LinFavour says:

    wow ….wat a good news…..i like this….

  3. valar says:

    The thirukkural is

    Inna Seitharai oruthal avarnana
    nannayam seithu vidal….

    it is a great thirukkural. many of them are not understanding that that tamil is best than other languages. so, At least we have to do whatever we can do for tamil growth!!

  4. Navaneethan says:

    Ya….Sure dude we have to do more for Tamil…”we can..we will”..

  5. Muthukumar says:

    Thirukural il ithu Eanaku migavum puditha varigal.

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