Thanks to mosquito


I thank to mosquito because  I had a fever at past week  and also I ve cut my few cycle exams .At that time I ve been feeling very tired because of illness

I didn’t able to do anything means Can’t able to walk ,Can’t able to eat……..

ok leave that…

Then I  ve been puking whatever i ate..

At that my bothering situations i ve known that “What is Friendship!”” because My Friends have helped to me a lot at that critical situations ; It seems that I m lucky

So the  mosquito’s action was applaudable at that peculiar time only

I don’t know that whether i feel bad for my delayness or atleast now itself to be known …..

Ok Friendship having incredible moments

Please Love your Friendship!!!!

Once again I thank 2 mosquito which has taught that “What is friendship” 2 me


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mixed feelings...
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