Future Education System

Hi friends,

I have speculated the education system which will be in future like this,

No need to have the torture for pupils….They can do what they think

Weekly 3 days leave possible ,atleast 2 days should need to freshup themselves

Each pupil should have laptop or PC as well as wi-fi,or some data transfer method

Each person has possible to use open source …any one of the linux…it may be their own

practical sessions could be extended

Day classes only have the discussion with corresponding staff

No need to worry about attendance

If some of the pupils are interested in Sports means they are very well to be encouraged

Pupil can do whatever they want but it shouldn’t make to be disturbance for others

Assignment has to be submitted over the electronic device

etc…etc….Those are depends upon the technology as well as mentality of the students….both are not permanant..so we have to be very well…

System repairng

System repairng


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