WordPress problem


I am using wordpress blog….In this blog just i want to make extra design,so i ve refered some few sites that to add the plugin in my database, so for i have refered that how to add the plugin ..

In my terms”

I ve installed wamp server ….By this server i ve reached phpadmin by configuring some changes in wordpress software(i have done it)

The changes are that i e ve created a database name “wordpress”

This also ve been mentioned in wp-config (usename,password,database name)

Then i got admin account and password …at that time i ve activated my plugin with help of admin account but in case the outcome(widget) hasn’t been displayed in my blog..I don’t know the reason

After few days my admin account hasn’t worked for the appropriate password also i want to know how to have admin account again using phpadmin

Now i haven’t any idea about wordpress and mysql relationships to update the blog..

I ‘d like to know the concept of the ysql with wordpress and how it works ..if you have it please send to me immediately friend

If you have any information regarding this i ‘d like to get it from you….

mail id:  navaneethanit@gmail.com


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