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Unix is best , so old is gold

Ladies and Gentlemans,

Let’s see something regarding to unix history,

Basically Unix is the operating system that you ve known in command mode linux.It was implemented in C language.At that C was famous as well as developers thought C can be understandable format for unix…so in unix many system call functions are in C..

In Unix kernal which has jobbing management of process,device ,etc…It is available in OS book

I think you ve known about virtual memory,process,signal,paging

Now let s move to another level

Actually in Unix for networking we have enough bundled packages we needn’t special packages explicitly but incase of windows for networking you need to install and configure some packages

Shell is the important factor in unix…It is commonly as “Command line Interperter”..which is the tool used to make the communication with the kernal there are several type of shells available Korn shell,Bourne shell,Bourne-again shell(bash).etc…Each type has different features


Device files are located here.it is only intended to access the hardware

for creating the device file mknod command is used

mknod device-name type major minor

device-name is the name of the device file
type is either “c” for character or “b” for block
major is the major device number
minor is the minor device number

in /dev directory the entries in a files look like

brw-r—– 1 root sys 1, 0 Aug 31 16:01 /dev/sd1a

The cofigurable files are located in /etc directory,For example configuring dial up connection wvdial .conf files are used

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