How to choose laptop

Analyse twice before buy

Friends, Let’s see how to choose laptop and which are the portfolios are considered

I think you may want the laptop with good quality

1. Choose the best processor which depends upon your need .For example If you want to do multimedia work or high gaming purpose means leave out the processor celeron

2.Monitor size:

There are several types of monitor sizes available like i think it starts from 14 …..i prefer 17 inch monitor is best for our need….it’s enough

3.Processor core:

Processor cores are updating,choose the processor more than two cores or atleast dual core because many apllications are available for latest core only .In many  ways we may not tide with our OS because of the chip…so concentrate….

4.Graphics Card

Nowadays there are several types of graphics company available

Here also NVIDIA is preferred…It has several solutions to them if any problem….

5.Battery=life of lap

It is the important factor .In laps battery may have 4 cells or 6 cells or may be 9 cells…..

you have to checkup the battery cell….power backup depends upon your cells in your battery

Here i prefer 6 cells enough it remains life of your lap upto 2  and half hrs..

If it has 9 cells good….

7.Other pheripherals

Check USB,VGA/DVI port,and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g (any one)

I think you have known about IEEE 802.11 is the computer connection  protocol for WLAN

IEEE 802.11 n is the latest high speed

Ok friends i ve shared whatever i ve known regarding the laps if you ve known anything else from here you can share here my buddies……

Elaborate Info Here


with reckons



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