By Big blaster’s little fan sachin_tendulkar_wimbledon_final_2006_090706

My Mumbai Indians

Ya,This is the team which is liked more because of the victimiser’s skills

Always i like Mr.Sachin Tendulkar who is very proficient of his playing,and also i have liked jayasuriya’s blast,Dumini’s race ,bravo’s crush which are liked by me.

How sachin covered me

At my small age just i liked for playing cricket except watching ,similarly i have known few of the players of indian cricket team.At that environment my most of the friends who have spoken about cricket match what was that……

Probably it was about sachin..then ganguly…Then only i have been starting to watch the cricket…then still now i ve watched few of  the smashing of sachin….those matches are attracted quickly me…..

I have leant many things like sharpeness of sachin,He had been tackled depends on the situation …..sometimes  he had retardation……i ve liked these things which are chosen by master…those have some reasons

Anyway most of the way we are the Indians proud of him……..we wish to continue his records……

If you accept this youcan share here….


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