My Hardy resolution Experience

Problem with thinking causes solution

Hai Friends,

I am using Hardy in my system,and i have one problem in my hardy that whenever i have fresh installation with hardy.After i have installed hardy in my system it takes the resolution 800X600 automatically.

I was trying to fix that to 1024X768 in many ways like editing screen resolution part in  Xorg.conf ,some times i got 1024X768 then also at such situation whenever i got into login prompt to enter username ,passwd the screen was being felt like vibration by me

I have been searching to exact command to fix that

Eventually, i got one solution from some forums(gksudo displayconfig-gtk), it was really very nice,but still i am having messy whenever i enter into login prompt,     after provideing correct username and password The screen seems well,before that somewhat happening ::::::::????

I would like to improve to fix my hardy’s resolution

If you have any suggestion share with me


with reckons


mail id:    navaneethanit at gmail dot com


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