Some information about Intel Processor

Moore’s Law—–It predicts the hardware revolution can double the number of transistors

In software parellism concepts allows to execute multiple programs at same time

Intel 4004 processor has 2300 transistors also single 4 bit all purpose chip

Intel pentium 4 (It has  42 million transistors)

Intel 8080 – 16 bit

Power wall – Exterme power consumption and dissipation when increasing the number of transistors on chip

3 main types of multi core processors

1) Simple multicore processors – two complte processors placed on the same die or package (Dual core AMD opteron)

2) shared cache multicore processors – Two complete cores sharing the levels of cache typically L2 or L3 cache (eg Sun Ultrasparc iv4)

3) Multithreaded multi core – it has multiple cores and mutiple threads which is placed at each core

Dual core – two cores sharing the bus to memory


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