Some Details of AMD processor

imagesMy processor is Amd sempron 2800+ which has the code named Palermo

|      [Socket 754] ~1.60GHz [1600MHz] is a 64 Bit affordable and high  performance processor

|    Having 256 KB L2 Cache and 800MHz [*8x] HyperTransot running at 1.40 volt, it is suitable for all everyday work and gaming too.

|   AMD Sempron 2800+ is based on AMD x86_64 architecture supporting               MMX, Enhanced 3d Now, SSE, SSE2 and NX Bit.

|  It support 64 Bit Operating systems and applications.

|  It can serve you as good as an Intel 2GHz processor.

| I have been wnted to known about this so irefers in inet

There is specified it is one of the processor 100% value for your money


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