How to Take files from Corrupted file system in hardy

File System Check on your system

fsck command using to check ur file system

unmount the file system which you want to check

Take system down to runlevel one

# init 1 //superuser mode

Unmount file system, for example if it is /home (/dev/sda2) file system then type command:

# umount /home or # umount /dev/sda2 then

# fsck /dev/sda2 then

# fsck.ext3 /dev/sda2 //if your sda2 is ext3

if any files recovered then they found in /home/lost+found directory

# mount /home //mount which you did unmount

# init 3 // goto multiuser mode

If you have any doubt regarding this please clarify and you have to do the above instruction carefully else you will be losing all your important data

Thanks to debian blogs


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