Hide your folder

Hide UR secret Folder

1.Type “cmd” in run prompt
2.Type your directory which contains Ur folder[eg.D:]
3.Type Following this

attrib +s +h +a D:\Data D:->Data is Ur folder

[Folder now hided]

// For unhide the hiding folder

attrib -s -h -a D:\Data

[Folder unhided]


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2 Responses to Hide your folder

  1. deepan says:

    Hi Friend,
    I believe this will work, however it is not running in my system..
    do you have any idea abt it..
    ‘Desktop\Quotes’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

  2. Navaneethan says:

    Try this way.
    C:Users\rdeepan>attrib +s +h +a Desktop\Quotes

    You just entered the directory location without issuing any command before it. It is not the way.

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